Our range of services that we offer to our clients

Pool Maintenance and Construction

Having a beautiful swimming pool is one of the most rewarding and exciting things you can have for your home and family. This is exactly why we established our subsidiary, Noyanlar Mediterranean Pools (NM Pools), in 2012. Since its establishment, NM Pools has been building pools with only quality materials in accordance with international standards and provides perfect technical support and consistency in its services. With our various pool shapes from geometric to curvy ..

Car Rental Services

Stunning views of Cyprus are at your fingertips with our Noyanlar Rent-a-Car service. Our vehicle fleet is supported by our affordable prices and customer service. Considering the many places you will want to see and the things you will want to do on this beautiful island, it is recommended that you rent a car to take you to the other end of Cyprus. Other means of transport certainly help, but will be limited to fully enjoying the beauty of the island. Whether you are here for work ..

Real Estate Services

Noyanlar Group of Companies is a reputable company in Northern Cyprus not only in the field of construction and development, but also with professional and effective real estate consultancy and related services. Through Noyanlar Real Estate, we offer exceptional services that help both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate transaction goals. Our staff have rental and sales experience for all types of properties and offer onsite presence in the properties they manage. Even if you are looking for a new h ..

Architectural and Engineering Services

Noyanlar Group of Companies has designed thousands of square meters of residential and commercial areas since its establishment. We offer comprehensive architectural and engineering services to create buildings or large-scale projects that fully meet your needs. As with all services, understanding the needs of our customers is very important, so our design team will sit with you at the beginning of any Project and understand your goals and needs. Our approach ..

Construction Management

The actual execution of work on the site is still the most important phase of any construction project. Our approach emphasizes the highest quality staff in the field and in key support positions to execute the plan and manage daily activities. We have the necessary skills, professional skills. resources and capital to provide our clients with fully integrated construction services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost effectiveness. As one of the highest level buildings ..

Project Development

During our Project Development and Consulting services, we work closely with our clients to ensure that a customized approach is developed that best meets the needs of their project requirements. After the vision of the customer is determined, Noyanlar Group of Companies uses every means to make the vision come true. Our professional teams with expert knowledge in accommodation, commercial, residential and industrial projects, scheduling and budgeting, concept and visualization, imp.