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Is a visa required to live in Northern Cyprus?
Yes. Northern Cyprus requires a visa for residency status. People from the UK and other major European countries automatically receive a 3 month visa on arrival. An extension of this period can be granted, provided you successfully apply for a residence permit (meaning you plan to settle permanently) Typically, many people choose to hire a lawyer as the visa process can be lengthy and tiring.
What is the average price of a lawyer in North Cyprus?
Generally, lawyers receive around £ 1,000 - £ 1,300 for a purchase contract and £ 300 for authorization. This fee covers the processing of all applications required to live in Northern Cyprus. Lawyers also help ensure the validity and legality of transactions.
How can I guarantee the validity and legality of financial and official transactions?
As mentioned earlier, employing a local lawyer is not required but is highly recommended. For a general fee, a lawyer will personally monitor transactions at local government offices. Also, the attorney guarantees its legality and authenticity by checking the signing of your Sale Agreement by you and the developer of the property. Permission is required to own a house.
Can I buy from abroad?
At Noyanlar, we aim to facilitate all the needs of our customers, including those living abroad. If you are interested in purchasing property but cannot travel immediately, we will be happy to assist you. Just submit a question and one of our team members will contact you and personally guide you through the process.
What are the required documents when purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus?
Your passport is the only document required.
How many properties can I legally own in North Cyprus?
Currently, if you do not have a local company registered in Northern Cyprus, you are only allowed to own one property at a time. According to the Real Estate Procurement (Foreigners) Law and other relevant regulations, Law No. 109, Foreigners' purchases are limited to one acre (acre, 1,600 yards, 1,338 square meters or 14,400 ft. A local in Northern Cyprus where 51% of Turkish Cypriots act as candidate shareholders. 0.336 acres of land or a real estate property, unless you register the company.
What types of title deeds are there in Northern Cyprus?
Probably the most common word you will hear when buying property in Northern Cyprus is "koçan (pronounced kochan)". "Koçan" means "title deed" and there are different types of Koçan in the Turkish Cypriot legal system:
What currency is used in Cyprus?
The main currency used in Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. Other major currencies such as the US dollar, British pound or Euro are accepted in large urban areas.
What time zone does Cyprus belong to?
Local time in North Cyprus is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 3).
What are the current air and sea ports in Northern Cyprus?
Northern Cyprus is easily accessible both by sea and by air, with flights from Europe and England to Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus. There are also flights to Larnaca Airport in Southern Cyprus where guests can rent a car or transfer to Northern Cyprus. There are daily ferry trips to Famagusta and Kyrenia harbor from Turkey. These ferries cover the distance in about three hours.
How about transportation in Northern Cyprus?
A common transportation in Northern Cyprus is minibus. These minibuses operate between Kyrenia-Nicosia, Kyrenia-Famagusta and Famagusta-Nicosia. In addition, there are frequent bus services between the major cities of Northern Cyprus throughout the day. Public transport becomes less scarce after 19:00 and services on weekends are less regular. Unfortunately there are no bus services to the South, so the best option is to hire a taxi or car. Considering the lack of public transport to tourist sites and areas, car rental is highly recommended. If necessary, please contact us for our car rental services.
What is the electrical voltage and how many pin plugs?
Electricity is 240 Volts, 3-prong plugs are the same as in the UK.
What type of climate does Cyprus have?
Cyprus is known for its long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Perhaps equally important, the island sees it lasting 300 days, usually providing consistent summer temperatures into 40 C. o C.
Can i bring a pet with me?
The required vaccination process includes a quarantine period and can be easily coordinated through your local veterinarian.
Can I arrange a visit?

Absolutely. Contact us to schedule a date that suits you

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