Carnelian Blocks

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Carnelian Blocks

Carnelian Blocks
Noyanlar Group of Companies

Carnelian Blocks, offer 1+1 apartments, 2+1 penthouses and shops. The 1+1 apartments are 61-65 m2 whereas the 2+1 penthouses are 78-86 m2. Situated on the entrance part of our project the Carnelian blocks with their shops present on their ground floor, holds an important role on the commercial environment of the main highway to İskele. Also, the flats in this block are suitable for conversion to workspaces for future commercial offices.

Services and Activities:

  • Aquatic Swimming Pool
  • Cafe and Pool Bar
  • Kid’s Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Courts
  • Outdoor Fitness Areas
  • Kids Playground
  • Cleaning Services
  • Tennis Courts
  • Barbecue Area
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Hairdresser
  • Mini Market


Carnelian Blocks, are only one of the ten types of properties offered at Royal Sun Elite Residence: a large scale project situated on 90 acres of land and consisting of 1,122 properties.


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